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The roasting process is strictly controlled by international Specialty Coffee Association SCA certified roaster, so that every cup of coffee you drink meets international standards.

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掛耳包 – 60包裝



DYC Classics Coffee #01 Rich

It is made up of specialty coffee beans in the three major producing areas, not the so-called commercial beans on the market, that suit the needs of anyone in the office. Whether you want to add milk to make lattes, or you want a cup of coffee that is not too bitter, you don’t need to worry about which type of coffee bean is suitable. It’s perfectly suited to any brewing method.

DYC Classics Coffee #02 Sweet and Mellow

It is the latest masterpiece after “#01 Rich”, which is made up of specialty coffee beans in the three major producing areas. In addition to retaining the original mellow taste, it has strengthened the sense of sweetness on the aftertaste, and it is more comfortable on the whole. Applicable to all kinds of machines and brewing methods, it is suitable for iced coffee and latte as well!